Movement direction


HONNE is a fashion film directed by Nur Casadevall, produced by Malditos. Movement direction by Guido Sarli.

WHYLOUT Fall Winter 22/23 Film

WHYLOUT Fall Winter 22/23, is a fashion film directed by SERGUEIDO & MIKE ASECAS. Produced by Sunomono Films in Barcelona. Movement direction by Guido Sarli.


Feniletilamina is a music video directed by Jordi Clusella produced by Colamado TV. Movement direction by Guido Sarli.

RIGHT GUARD commercial

Commercial directed by Rob Legat, choreographed by Natricia Bernard, assistant choreographer Guido Sarli.



How can water excavate marble? In search of a stable identity through the flow of existence, SOURCE was born.

This short film, performed and directed by Spain-based Italian artist Guido Sarli, captures the contrast between the human body and a travertine quarry. Such a space is natural but has been modified by mankind and somehow it is still looking for a new identity.

The film plays with time, and the possibility of altering its flow. The choreography of movements is built on the water, rocks, and the dancer’s body. While water and rocks tell their own story, the dancer inhabits the space of the quarry with lightness and respect – it has already been heavily affected by human intervention.

The collaborations with director of photography Tommaso Cassinis and composer Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld were a wonderful experience. Their cinematic and musical sensibilities worked in perfect harmony with the choreography, creating something deeper: the delicate balance of identity in motion.

SOURCE has been selected at Choreoscope International Dance Film Festival Barcelona 2020 (Spain). Has been screened at Trip the light fantastic TV at Trip Space London 2020 (UK). Official selection at Moving Images Festival 2020 (Nicosia, Cyprus). Also selected by Cervantes Institute and International Festival of Screen Dance Fever 2020 for the special edition “Cuerpos confinados” which has been presented in 40 Cervantes Institutes around the world and also selected at Festival Internacional Dança em foco 2020 and Muestra Movimiento Audiovisual 2021 (México), International Festival of Screen Dance Fever 2021 (Spain), Bienal Interancional de Dança do Ceará 2021 (Brazil), Birmingham International Dance Festival 2021 (UK), Quinzena de Dança de Almada – International Dance Festival 2021 (Portugal).

SOURCE has been awarded best video dance in the artistic category at Lens Dance Festival 2021 (Brussels, Belgium).

Directed, choreographed & performed by Guido Sarli

Director of photography: Tommaso Cassinis

Music: Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld

Editing: Guido Sarli

Color grade: Tommaso Cassinis

Graphic design: Manuel Rodríguez

Producer: Barona

Special thanks: Ermete Ricci, Spencer Bamborough and Centre Civic Barceloneta.



STAND ALONE is a short film directed by Guido Sarli, selected as a finalist at the International Screendance Festival “Fever” 2018 and at Choreoscope International Dance Film Festival 2019. Official selection at V IMARP Mostra Internacional de vídeo dança 2020 (Riberão Preto, Brasil), official selection at Corpos em Perspectiva 2021 (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil) and also selected at Bienal de la Danza de Caerá 2021 (Brasil).

Directed by: Guido Sarli
Performer: Maëva Berthelot
Choreography: Guido Sarli in collaboration with Maëva Berthelot
Dop: Josep Pardo & Pau Muñoz
Music: Lautaro Reyes
Editing: Guido Sarli
Still photography: Andrew Gillman
Costume: Manuel Rodriguez & Guido Sarli
Gaffers: Iñaki Martinez & Andrew Gillman
Color: David Avecilla