LONA is my personal movement research that embrace my choreographic vision and the influence from other medium like filmmaking and photography, always keeping the focus on the body and his relation with the space-time. 

LONA offers a place for personal research trough movement, challenging situations where we can explore the infinite dynamic possibilities that our body posses, always considering movement as a medium and never as an end to itself.

LONA is a prismatic device where we can explore, contemplate, lose our-self, celebrating the present, discovering new dynamic perspectives and apply them in our personal vision, as movers, in our daily life or wherever we want to express our authenticity from a vibrant and joyful place. 

Guido Sarli has given LONA workshops in several dance academies and professional formation centers like: Institut del Teatre, Conservatorio Superior de Danza de Madrid, Conservatorio Profesional de Danza de Burgos, Institute of the Arts Barcelona, Professional Training Course CobosMika Seeds, Conservatorio Superior de Danza Valencia, Area Dansa Barcelona, Dance Workshop Ga’aton, Ramon Solé Dansa, ESDM, NunArt, Tragant Dansa, Varium Dansa, Danza 180.


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